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Good Morning & Happy Friday Everyone! Todays Post is about the cute little bag accessory – the BAG CHARM !

When the Fendi Bag Bug came along a few seasons ago, it practically created its own fashion category: the bag accessory. Although bag charms had had pockets of popularity here and there, especially in Asian markets, a high-end worldwide trend like the one going right now is something of a first, and consumers have more options than ever.
It’s not hard to see the upside in these little baubles for both consumers and brands. For shoppers, bag charms allow you the freedom of customization without commitment. You can make a popular bag yours in a million different ways, but if you get sick of the look or want to resell the bag, all you have to do is unclip your charm. It’s a low-stakes alternative to monogramming your favorite design or picking an impractical bag because it’s bursting with personality.
These charms can adorn anything with a zipper or handle attachment, all the way from a pouch clutch to a hefty travel bag. If you’re more into keeping your fashion flourishes contained, they’d all be equally useful as keychains. For those of you who can’t imagine paying Bag Bug prices for a cute little charm, take a look at my picks start at just 11,49 euro.



  1. fluffy black Bag Charm (shop here)
  2. Iphoria Bag Charm (shop here)
  3. Valentines Heart Bag Charm (shop here)
  4. Mischa Lambert Bag Charm (shop here)
  5. Fendi Bag „S“ Charm (shop here)
  6. Sophie Hulme Charm (shop here)
  7. Fendi Bag Bug Charm (shop here)
  8. Burberry Prorsum Bag Charm (shop here)

Thank you for beeing today with me & have a great weekend!

xx, Steffi

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