Putting on the glitz…


Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend… Saturday i went out with some really good friends and had the perfect evening. After a great Christmas Dinner we decided to go to a nice Bar/Club in Hamburg for some drinks and dancing…:-) We went to a very hip Club with many beautiful, young people… When i looked at the Girls i saw many of them wearing some really cute sequin jackets. I realized it is a major secret weapon. Because no other item of clothing strikes the balance between festive and cool with such ease. I would pair it with a vintage concert tee and distressed denim…

Here are a few Sequin Jackets i found and love! And i am sure i will definitely add one of them to my warderobe really soon..:-)

  1. Squein Jacket capri blush (similar here)
  2. Sequin Jacket black/silver (similar here) – this one is just 84euro
  3. Sequin Jacket golden (similar here)
  4. Sequin Cropped Jacket  (similar here)
  5. Sequin Blazer Jacket black (similar here)
  6. Sequin Bomb Jacket Vintage (similar here) – this one is very unique
  7. Sequin Feather Jacket green ((similar here)

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

xx, Steffi

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