My Services

1.Style Consultation

The aim of the service is to enhance your personal style and boost your confidence while first of all taking into consideration your lifestyle whether you are a mum, a nurse or an office worker. I will show you how to dress to impress ensuring you feel great and stylish in what you are wearing but most of all comfortable.  This is a personalised service tailored to your needs and it will give you a clear insight as to what tops, trousers, jeans, dresses, shoes, jackets, accessories etc. you should be buying and wearing to complement and flatter your body shape but also to represent your personal style. You will not only learn what styles and shapes are best for you but also gain the skills which will help you choose the right clothes, fabrics etc. I want you to feel fabulous every day with no compromise on your individual style and comfort.

2. Personal Shopper

Yes, we all know that shopping can be a really frustrating and overwhelming experience. By using this service you will end up with everything you need to look fantastic and effortlessly stylish. You will also end up saving time and money. Every Personal Shopper service includes a discussion beforehand on what you want to achieve, so I can research which styles and shops are the most suitable for you, your lifestyle and your budget. This is necessary to ensure that the time we spent together is productive and focused.  My Personal Shopper service is a combination of personal style advice and practical skills on how to shop, therefore I also show my clients how and where to shop to successfully find desired items for their wardrobe but also how to avoid shopping mistakes and not to get trapped by sales. If you are too busy to shop and prefer someone else doing it for you please contact me for more details.

3. Wardrobe Analysis/Management

Sometimes we buy things in a moment of weakness or desperation and then never even wear them. It is not only a waste of money but also a waste of space. Wardrobe Analysis or Wardrobe Management as I like to call it is a worthwhile service to help you keep your wardrobe full of items you adore and love wearing. You have to be really honest and realistic about what you really wear and be prepared to edit out the dross. It can be a tough process but well worth it. Wardrobe Analysis will help decide the bones of your daily working wardrobe, which will make dressing easy and fuss free. It also means that everything in your analysed wardrobe will be really treasured once put on. This in turn will make you more successful when you shop. Wardrobe Analysis will also identify any gaps in your wardrobe you may have or need to complete the look. I will also show you how to co-ordinate your outfits and accessories to create new looks.  At the end of the whole process you will have a wardrobe filled with clothes that you will love to wear.


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